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Group of missionaries delivering food.


Youth, College, Adult and Family Mission Trips to Costa Rica.


If you're passionate about mission work and want to see a beautiful country, Strong Missions is the organization for you! We look forward to serving with you, whether you're a first-time mission participant or you're a seasoned veteran. We take care of all the details so you can focus on experiencing all that God has in store for you. The people of Costa Rica are always joyful in their giving and humble in their receiving, so you're sure to meet someone here you'll never forget.

young volunteers preparing an activity.


Community Infrastructure and Housing



  • Provide crucial community infrastructure for schools, churches, homes for children, and senior citizens.

  • Construction and repair of housing for low-income families.

Gardening and Nutrition



  • Prepare the ground and plant vegetable gardens for the recipients mentioned above to promote sustainable food sources and nutrition.

Children's Activities



  • Prepare and present activities for children in the communities we serve, similar to a Vacation Bible School style program.


Food Support



  • Deliver monthly boxes of food supplements to low-income families to alleviate food insecurity.

Community Outreach and Enrichment



  • Organize community outreach events to engage and support the local community.

  • Prepare and present artistic/sports camps for children and/or adolescents to provide enrichment opportunities and encourage physical and creative development.

What’s Included 


First of all, you'll receive the discernment that you've answered God's call for you, that you've acted as an instrument of God, and that you’ve truly touched the lives of God's less fortunate children. In addition, you'll receive:

All work materials, tools, local labor supervision, and a box of food per participant for a needy family.

An English/Spanish-speaking guide’s personal touch from trip registration to completion.

All meals while lodging at Strong Missions except while on fun day trips.

All ground transportation while lodging at Strong Missions.

Lodging at Strong Missions, on bunkbeds for larger teams. Hotel lodging is available at an additional cost.

A number of quality options regarding your

fun day and/or overnight trips. 

What’s not included:

  • International airfare.

  • Insurance–International traveler's insurance can be easily purchased online and can range from $.75 to $13 a day.  For example, the United Methodist Church provides UMVIM insurance to all missioners, UMC or not, for 75 cents a day plus a $5 processing charge. For more info, check

  • Fun trip meals unless otherwise arranged.

  • Hotels and optional fun activities are available through local tour agencies unless otherwise arranged. We will be glad to arrange all your fun trips, day and/or overnight, at a discount to hotel and tour operator's advertised prices. 

  • Special room assignments unless otherwise arranged.

  • Snacks and souvenirs.

  • Tips for bus drivers.

Our team is ready to collaborate with you on all your needs. Contact Us to receive information on flights and on other lodging options, or to extend your trip to see more of this beautiful country and the wonderful people therein.

Volunteer girls hugging.

Strong Missions is a fabulous “turn key” missional experience. They offer a well-equipped, professional operation that is sure to meet your ministry’s needs for a safe and affordable mission opportunity. They take the worry out of the mission field logistics so you and your team have the space to experience God at work around you.

Rev. Kimberly Orr

Elder, NTC UMC

Publisher, The Upper Room

Associate General Secretary, Discipleship Ministries

  • I want to lead a trip. What are the steps?
    Congratulations! We are excited to have you! Our Program Assistants are here to make this a easy process for anyone who wants to lead a team. Step 1 – Submit your interest form registration Step 2 – Decide on your itinerary and fun trip destination with the guidance of your Program Assistant Step 3 – Gather up your team and distribute the information Step 4 -Collect and send team money to South Carolina address, our 501(c)(3)-(tax deductible) Step 5 – Board the plane and let your mission begin!
  • What if nobody in my group speaks Spanish?
    You will have a Spanish speaking bilingual guide available to you at all times unless otherwise determined with your group leader. We have various full-time staff who speak both languages as well as bilingual interns available during the busiest months.
  • Do we need bedding?
    If you are lodging at the Strong Missions bunkhouse, you will need to bring a pillow, but all linens and blankets will be provided. Area hotels have all linens and pillows. For more information about lodging, please check the team packet and feel free to contact us.
  • What address do I put as my destination on the form at the airport?
    Asociacion Strong Missions, 600 meters north of the Plaza, Calle San Jose, Grecia, Alajuela Telefono 506 2444 0321
  • What's the weather like?
    Although climate change has affected us significantly, much of Costa Rica still has 2 seasons, wet and dry. The rainy season begins in late April or early May and continues through late November or early December. During this time, it is typical for it to rain daily anywhere from a light mist to torrential downpour. From late December through early April, it can go months without any rain at all. Costa Rica has numerous microclimates and the temperature can vary between regions, averaging close to 14 feet of rainfall a year. The Strong Missions Center is in the central mountain range so it is fairly moderate during the day, mid 80s, and cools off to the 60s at night. We receive more than the yearly average of rainfall. Other parts of the country range in heat and moisture levels. .
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